Beautiful Megan

Some of you may recall a post I wrote a while ago about this gorgeous 15-year-old Cavalier, Megan. It is with a very sad heart to write that beautiful Megan passed away in her sleep on Friday. Megan was loved so very much, and her mommy Louise had recently entered her in a competition where … Read more

Our Miracle Puppy 🐶

In August of 2021, we lost our beautiful Lulu of 11 years. She was a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was a special little angel to my wife and I. She comforted my wife throughout her two bouts of Breast Cancer. You can imagine how devastated we were. Several months later, I reached out … Read more

The Happiest Gift in the World

It was six years ago, in August 2016 when our girl was born. I had bought a female Cavvy as an early Christmas gift for my husband. When it was time, we drove for a full 2 hours for my husband to pick her out from the litter, and excitedly, we drove home again. We … Read more

Support Megan’s Competition

Hi Everyone, meet Megan. This beautiful girl is 15 years young, and her mommy, Louise, is one of my readers. Megan is an amazing furbaby to Louise and unfortunately has been through a lot throughout her lifetime. Tragically in 2014, she lost her human daddy, and poor Louise lost her life partner. This must have … Read more