Is it Better to get a Male or Female Cavalier?

You’ve made the decision to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you’ve done all the research, you’ve decided that a Cavalier is the best fit for your needs, and you feel that you can give a loving home to a Cavvy. Now you’re asking yourself “Is it better to get a male or female Cavalier?” … Read more

Are King Charles Spaniels Good Pets?

Dogs are fantastic they can be your companion, your travel partner, a guard for the home, and even a friend. But there are so many different breeds of dog, each having its own personality and temperament, so are King Charles Spaniel good pets? As a whole King Charles Spaniels make excellent pets, and they are … Read more

Where Do Cavaliers Originally Come From?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a very popular breed of dog in the United States, the UK, and many other European countries to name just a few places. But where did the breed originate from? The earliest records show that Cavaliers were bred in England and named after King Charles I. Although their popularity didn’t … Read more