Are King Charles Spaniels Good Pets?

Dogs are fantastic they can be your companion, your travel partner, a guard for the home, and even a friend. But there are so many different breeds of dog, each having its own personality and temperament, so are King Charles Spaniel good pets?

As a whole King Charles Spaniels make excellent pets, and they are great with children and other animals. As with all dogs, Cavaliers need daily exercise, but as they are lapdogs they are quite comfortable in an apartment or a house.

So you have decided, it’s finally time to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. But where do you go from here? Do you get a puppy or adopt one? What are they like at different stages of their lives? Are they more difficult during adolescence? There are so many questions, but this is good. It’s good to ask questions, it shows that you are willing to become a doggy parent.

My wife Sarah, and Lady

Cavvy Puppies

When someone, a family, or a couple make the decision to get a new dog, they automatically think “Let’s get a puppy”, but is that the correct way to think?

A puppy is a lot of responsibility and takes a lot of time and effort to look after and raise into a loving doggie. Making the decision to take a puppy into your home is not one that should be taken lightly, especially when they are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

You also need to ensure that you purchase your new puppy from a reputable breeder, as there are many illegal puppy farms. The kind of people that run puppy farms are not interested in the welfare of the animals, they are greedy people that are only interested in money.

When first visiting the pup make sure it is with its mother, if not, then you need to ask why. And if you suspect the place to be a puppy farm, then speak to a local veterinarian, they will take the matter further and ask the local authorities to investigate.

Lady, when she was a puppy

Cavvy’s need a lot of human contact and they don’t cope very well when being left alone for long periods of time. And this is especially so when they are puppies, as they are forming that special bond of trust with you.

Puppies also need special care, as this is when potty training begins, and it isn’t easy as accidents can and will happen from time to time. Remember this is something that doesn’t come naturally, as dogs just go when they need to and therefore this has to be learned.

One top tip is to treat your pup when he or she does a potty break outside. NEVER scold your puppy for having an accident inside the home, it isn’t their fault they needed to go, and when you only have a tiny bladder you can’t hold it.

Here is a course on how to potty train your puppy fast:


So should you adopt? Lady was my first ever puppy, and all my previous dogs throughout my childhood were rescued. Some were strays that needed a home, some needed a new home as their current owners were unable to look after them properly. But all of them were loved and cared for, and this is something that needs to be considered. Can I look after this dog?

When adopting it is good for everyone that is living in the home to visit the dog, just to make sure that everyone gets along. Also, you may want to consider taking along your current pet, to ensure they get along too.

When adopting always ask lots of questions, and never rush an adoption as returning a dog that doesn’t get on in the family will only upset everyone, including the dog.


Adolescent dogs can be quite a handful, but they are so entertaining. At this age, they need regular exercise to stop them from tearing around the home, and also plenty of chew toys to encourage them not to chew up the furniture.

At this age, Cavvy’s are so playful and are so much fun to be around. This is the perfect age to teach your pooch some tricks, such as fetching and shaking a paw, nothing too involved just yet. Teaching tricks keep your dog occupied, and very happy when he or she gets a treat for performing a trick.

The treating method encourages them to do more and more tricks or small tasks. You can change up fetch the ball, fetch the newspaper, or even slippers.

My daughter teaching Lady to do her first trick


As an adult, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should have a standing height of 15″-16.5″ (38-42cm), a body length of 19″-20″ (48-51cm), and a weight in the range of 13-18 lb (5.9-8.2 kg).

Although your Cavalier is fully grown now, don’t expect them to be a guard dog, they are not the type of dog to chase a burger down the street. However, they will bark, Cavvy’s can be very vocal at times, but their bark is very much worse than their non-existent bite.

Cavaliers are also well known for not being very good near roads, they have the tendency to wander into the road, so you need to ensure your pooch is kept on a leash when out walking. If the location allows it, for example, a dog-friendly park, then it is recommended that they are let off the leash to run free and socialize with the other dogs.

Old Age

In old age, as with all animals, things start to slow down. Cavaliers love to eat and sleep throughout their lives, but this is all they seem to want to do as they get older.

Older Cavvy’s up for adoption are ideal pets for older people, as Cavaliers are part of the toy dog breed, they like nothing more than curling up on their owner’s lap to snooze and keep each other warm and content.

My Final Thought

An older dog may be better for a retired couple, and a puppy may fit in better with a family or someone that works from home. Whether getting a puppy or adopting, taking on a younger or older Cavvy the important thing is that you think it through thoroughly, and make the right decision not only for yourselves but also for your dog.

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