Why you Should get a Cavalier

Choosing a family pet can be quite an involved process, what type of animal do you get that can slot into family life so quickly? Do you have small children that you need to consider, or maybe there are other animals in the household? Dogs are perfect family pets, but which breed is the best? … Read more

8 Places Cavaliers Like to be Petted

Being around dogs or owning a dog has many health benefits for both you and your dog, and it is not due to all the walking you’ll be doing. Petting your pooch can lower blood pressure, stress, and even cholesterol. So where do Cavaliers like to be petted? Here is a brief list: On the … Read more

Are Cavaliers Well Behaved?

Finding the right kind of dog to fit in your or your family’s life can be quite stressful, even traumatic at times. You may have taken a dog into your home from a shelter, only to discover that they don’t bond with your children, or other pets. What about the Cavalier, they are calm dogs, … Read more